I've had the privilege of teaching undergraduates at the University of Colorado as the instructor of record since 2015.  In that capacity (as either a graduate instructor or lecturer) 
I've taught Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL1000), Introduction to Ethics (PHIL1100), Introduction to Bioethics (PHIL1160), Environmental Justice (PHIL2140), Major Social Theories (PHIL2200), and War and Morality (PHIL3190).  A brief description of each of these classes can be found here.  

Besides teaching university students at CU, I taught for several years for the Philosophy Outreach Program of Colorado, a program that sends university instructors to teach in local communities.  I also served for two years as graduate student coordinator for this program.

I am always looking for ways to improve my teaching and to make my classroom a place where every student can feel encouraged to engage vigorously with the ideas and with their classmates.  I consistently score well above the university average on student course evaluations and was honored to be the philosophy department's nominee for a campus-wide teaching award last year.